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Designing a Modern House& Building What's your interest? You don't know? Well,my interest is architecture, so it means being an architect. The first step to be an architect is to know how to design floor plans. Who should I ask to? The famous architecture Daniel Libeskind! Let's go!"thew (sound effect from a plan)!" After ? Minutes I'm sitting beside the famous architecture-Daniel Libeskind in Poland. I said"Hi Daniel Libeskind, I'm goderic. I pationate in architecture. May I ask you a few question about being an architect." Daniel answered:"Go ahead." "First question, how can I be a professional architect." I asked. He answered:" First you need to learn subjects like math and others, if you succeed than you can start to learn about architecture." Point "Second question what is my Point first step leaning architecture?" "You need to use your imagination and make a house that you like. Than draw the floor plan; remember to use A3 paper for details. You need a scale on the paper, write the length of this wall and etc ( remember to draw relationship between walls), just be more specific."

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